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Department of electrotechology has several laboratories and classrooms, in which our accredited subjects are taught and in which research activites are ongoing. This page gives an overview about all major laboratories and classrooms managed by our department.
Presentation of laboratories is focused mostly on laboratories instrumentation and their utilization. Here we do not forget to mention the subjects taught in these rooms and the location of these laboratories in the building. The building of the FEE is large and the students may sometimes get confused while finding the rooms. We will try to make this job easier.
If you are interested, we are ready to provide more information about the education or about the capability of laboratories. We also welcome student with interest in cooperation with our department. We offer a lot of student works and projects. We also appreciate comments and ideas about presentation of the Department of Electrotechnology and the master study program "Technological Systems".

Prototype workstation


Prototype workstation is a laboratory, whose main purpose is to facilitate practical realization of works made on faculty of electrical engineering. Students can work on their bachelor, diploma, individual or teamwork projects with the help of highly advanced instruments. The prototype workstation has instruments for solder paste dispension, component placement and different machines for solder reflow process of the PCB. There is also a possibility to perform basic measurements and functionality verification on fabricated samples using adjustable voltage sources, multimeters and oscilloscopes…

Laboratories of microscopy

We are dealing with two types of microscopy in our laboratories. First one is optical microscopy and the second one is microscopy of atomal forces. Both these microscope types are adapted for research in the field of material science. …

The equipment in our laboratories is continuously renewed. You can meet in our laboratories historical devices as well as the newest science equipment, which is used for very short time in this area. …

Laboratory climatotechnologies

Operational environment currently has a significant impact on the operating reliability of electrical and electronic systems. Laboratory of climatotechnology is equipped with devices designed for teaching, research and testing in the field of climatotechnology and reliability. In this lab there are climatic chambers designed to simulate real operating conditions and the implementation of accelerated reliability tests for different materials, as well as for whole appliances. ...

Laboratory of practical technology

Soldering technology is an important part of electronics and electrotechnical industry. Production of high quality joints requires not only theoretical knowledge, but also some skill and knowhow. Students are introduced to making joints using THT and SMT technology. In this laboratory, there is a lot of equipment and devices useful for practical education.

Laboratory of Thin Films technology

The technology known as "thin film" is often used in electrical engineering. This technology is used for various purposes. Students will learn the technology of thin layers deposition in practice.

Component diagnostics laboratory

Students can in our component diagnostics laboratory work with wide variety of measuring devices used to assess properties of individual components and whole electronic circuits. Here we have LRC meters, power sources, osciloscopes, sets for s-parameter measurement, spectral analyzers,… Beside that, there are some unique instruments, specially constructed to demonstrate some specific phenomena or for special measurement, not widely encountered.

EMC laboratory

This laboratory is focused on teaching of classes from the following fields:
  • power electronics
  • power semiconductor components
  • industrial automation
  • industrial robots and manipulators
Students meet power semiconductor components in this laboratory, they acquire the knowledge of their circuit integration in real applications and they also verify electrical properties of these components.

Computer room


The computer lab on our department is the one that is visited by every student of bachelor study program EEM and by everybody who decides to study EEM in master degree. This lab is focused not only on software development education, but for example on programming and application development for single-chip microprocesors. It is no wonder that software and programming forms the majority of subject contents, just as in any computer lab. …

Photovoltaic systems diagnostic laboratory


This laboratory is focused on parameter measurement of PV cells and modules. Basic measurements are done in classes tought in laboratories, students can obtain some more detailed knowledge during their student-projects. This laboratory is accomodated with proffesional equipment, therefore not only school classes are conducted here, but it also serves commercionally to the public.

Responsible for information: David bušek, Lenka Hájková, Pavel Žák

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